REde de MATeriais e Energia

Uma iniciativa da Divisão de Materiais e Energia da Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais


A review on the key issues of the lithium ion battery degradation among the whole life cycle

Electrolytes and additives for batteries Part I: fundamentals and insights on cathode degradation mechanisms

Fibras de nylon piezoelétrico

Potassium additives can prevent dendrite growth in lithium-metal batteries

Heat-powered desalination technology gets boost from 2D material

Distorting impurities help improve thermoelectric materials

New membrane opens gate to carbon capture

Lightweight composites for hydrogen powered buses

A study of the influence of plasmonic resonance of gold nanoparticle doped PEDOT: PSS on the performance of organic solar cells based on CuPc/C60

Descoberta portuguesa promete revolucionar energia solar

Scientists mix and match to find perovskite candidates

New Wind Turbine Blades Could be Recycled Instead of Landfilled

Solid-state lithium–sulfur batteries: Advances, challenges and perspectives

Ionic conductive polymers as artificial solid electrolyte interphase films in Li metal batteries – A review

Two-dimensional semiconducting covalent organic frameworks for photocatalytic solar fuel production


ISTMAE-2021 3rd Global Conference & Expo on Materials Science and Engineering,  26-27 de Agosto, 2021, Amsterdão, Holanda

2ndVirtual Congress on Materials Science and Engineering, 29-31 de Março de 2021 


ISQ ganha contrato para a F4E