REMATE – REde de MATeriais e Energia


Thermal evaporation and hybrid deposition of perovskite solar cells and mini-modules

Ultrastrong, highly conductive and capacitive hydrogel electrode for electron-ion transduction

Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites and their heterostructures

Hydrophobic-modified polyamide nanofilms at molecular scale for rapid crude oil separation

Bi2O2Se: A rising star for semiconductor devices

Achieving high thermal conductivity in plant fiber materials

Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells—A Comparison between Silicon and Graphene

Structural Batteries Based on Solid Ferroelectric Electrolytes

Controlling dendrite propagation in solid-state batteries with engineered stress

Zero-strain cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

Chemical filter reduces the carbon output of power plants

Molten salts for rechargeable batteries

A comprehensive overview of carbon dioxide capture: From materials, methods to industrial status

Rational design of thermally stable polymorphic layered cathode materials for next generation lithium rechargeable batteries

Inorganic lead-based halide perovskites: From fundamental properties to photovoltaic applications

In situ crosslinking-assisted perovskite grain growth for mechanically robust flexible perovskite solar cells with 23.4% efficiency

Porous Janus-structured cellulosic materials for self-adaptive solar regulation

High-performing polysulfate dielectrics for electrostatic energy storage under harsh conditions

Boosting radiation of stacked halide layer for perovskite solar cells with efficiency over 25%


6th world Congress on Materials science and Engineering

Materials Today Conference 2023

Annual World Congress of Smart Materials 2023

Virtual Conference on Materials Science & Engineering


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