European Corrosion Medal 2019

The EFC Award Jury has recognized the contribution of Prof Maria de Fátima Montemor, to the field of coatings for corrosion protection of different metallic substrates and for the development of new technologies based on sol-gel technology, self-healing and multifunctional coatings and mechanisms of corrosion inhibition. Also for the contribution to a great extent to the understanding of corrosion mechanisms by the use of modern localized electrochemical techniques.

Moreover, the Jury recognized the positive, long-lasting and ongoing service for the EFC in many aspects and positions, such as being the organizer of two successful editions of the annual EUROCORR congress in 2005 (Lisbon) and 2013 (Estoril) and as former EFC President.

The EFC Medal Award ceremony was held during the Opening Session of EUROCORR 2019 in Seville (Spain) on Tuesday morning 10th September 2019, just before her Plenary Lecture.