The role of Materials in the post-COVID society”

A reflection on how Materials will enable solutions for a healthy, safe, and resilient society to achieve a sustainable, stable, and stronger economy, able to respond to citizen’s demands.

This Paper summarizes positioning,  potential solutions, and recommendations that stem from the European Materials community towards Horizon Europe in the Post-COVID scenario.

The paper compiles existing Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas (SIRAs) of different materials stakeholders and address a specific reflection in the context of the current COVID19 pandemic.

It puts forward proposals for strategic research and innovation activities to the European Commission, Member States, and the European Parliament, taking into account the objectives of the Green Deal Priorities and Recovery Plan.

This document is released to contribute to the development of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. It aims to facilitate further collaboration, synergies, and alignment between partnership candidates and relevant materials R&I stakeholders in the EU and beyond, were relevant.

You can read this reflection Paper on this link