Dear colleague,

The Portuguese Society of Materials (SPM) is a scientific and technical association, non-profit,  whose purpose is to bring together all persons, both natural and legal, interested in promoting the development, progress, and dissemination of Science and Technology of Materials.

Founded in 1981, SPM currently has dozens of partners: engineers, researchers, companies, students, university departments, laboratories and research centers.

So that SPM becomes the privileged interlocutor within companies, decision-makers, and civil society, SPM intends to expand its area of operation and this requires more partners and more

For only € 30 per year, or € 10 for students (degree or master’s), or € 20 for PhD students or fellows, or € 150 for companies.

New members will be full members of the SPM and will be able to contribute to
and integrate the activities in the area of Materials.