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Research and Innovation Days

22-24th September 2020 Virtual event programme, you can see more details in the full program.

The role of Materials in the post-COVID society”

A reflection on how Materials will enable solutions for a healthy, safe, and resilient society to achieve a sustainable, stable, and stronger economy, able to respond to citizen’s demands. This Paper summarizes positioning,  potential solutions, and recommendations that stem from the European Materials community towards Horizon Europe in the Post-COVID scenario. The paper compiles existing […]

Future of solar photovoltaic

Deployment, investment, technology, grid integration and socio-economic aspects Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is at the heart of the world’s accelerating shift from climate-damaging fossil fuels towards clean, renewable forms of energy. The steady rise of solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation forms a vital part of this global energy transformation. In addition to fulfilling the […]

World Materials Day 2019

World Materials day has been celebrated by our society since 2003 and this year, as usual, we celebrate it with the College of Materials Engineering. The headquarters of the Order of Engineers in the city of Coimbra was the chosen place to hold this event. The SPM and Order of Engineers Awards were assigned after […]

IRENA Youth Forum: The New Generation of Decision Makers

Young people are key agents for social change, economic growth, environmental protection, and technological innovation. As countries across the world continue to take bold steps towards decarbonizing their energy systems, the need to include youth in the energy transformation is becoming increasingly clear. Today’s youth will lead the sustainable development agenda of tomorrow. It will […]

European Corrosion Medal 2019

The EFC Award Jury has recognized the contribution of Prof Maria de Fátima Montemor, to the field of coatings for corrosion protection of different metallic substrates and for the development of new technologies based on sol-gel technology, self-healing and multifunctional coatings and mechanisms of corrosion inhibition. Also for the contribution to a great extent to […]

Sobre a SPM

A Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais (SPM) é uma Instituição Colectiva de Utilidade Pública, e uma associação científica e técnica, sem fins lucrativos, que tem por objectivo congregar todas as pessoas, singulares e colectivas, interessadas em promover o desenvolvimento, o progresso e a divulgação da Ciência e Tecnologia de Materiais.




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