Portuguese Materials Society


PORTUGUESE MATERIALS SOCIETY (SPM) is an association of technical and scientific nature, non-profit, with legal personality, constituted for  an indefinite period,   which is governed by its own statutes and by the legislation in force.

SPM was declared a Pessoa Coletiva de Utilidade Pública, by order of the Prime Minister, published in Diário da República on July 2, 2009.


Prestige and implantation of SPM in the national scientific community and in the companies and the recognition of its role as an interlocutor on part of official and governmental entities.


SPM aims to bring together individuals and companies interested in promoting, at the national level, the improvement, development and progress of Science and Technology of Materials.


In order to achieve its objectives, SPM, as a national forum in the field of Materials Science and technology, should:

1) To promote actions that stimulate the teaching, the formation and the technical-scientific specialization;

2)Promote actions that stimulate scientific research, as well as the dissemination of studies, research results and other work;

3) To divulge the importance that the new materials have for the technological progress, and the important role that the materials currently used have in the quality of life of the populations;

4) Hold congresses, conferences, seminars, courses, meetings and technical visits;

5) Ensure contact with national and foreign counterparts and organizations, stimulating and developing exchanges between specialists;

6) To promote actions aimed at the reliability of the products, through the appropriate choice of materials, their test standards, and their quality control;

7) To promote the acquisition, supply, and exchange of information related to its objectives, including technical assistance;

8) Publish a journal of specialty;

9) Organize and maintain a specialized library and documentation service.