Technical Divisions

Corrosion and Protection of Materials, coordinated by Teresa Diamantino (LNEG) and Zita Lourenço (Zetacorr)

Structural Materials, coordinated by Jorge Lino and Manuel Vieira (both from FEUP): very wide in scope, including Metallic Materials, Ceramic Materials, Polymeric Materials, Composite Materials, Fracture

Functional Materials, coordinated by Luís Pereira (FCT / UNL), Maria Helena Fernandes (UAveiro) and Maria Ascensão Lopes (INEB), covers Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials and Materials for Medical Devices

Materials and Energy, coordinated by Luís Gil (DGEG) and Carlos Nogueira (LNEG)) covers Forestry Materials and Raw Materials and Recycling, broadening its scope of action

Surface Engineering, coordinated by Albano Cavaleiro (FCTUC) and Ricardo Alexandre (TEandM) covers Electrochemistry of Materials, Heat Treatments, and Surface Engineering, Tribology

Polymers and Composites, coordinated by António Correia Diogo (IST), António Torres Marques (FEUP), João Bordado (IST), Jorge Coelho (FCTUC), covers thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, functional polymers, and respective composite systems

J-SPM, integrates SPM associates under the age of 35 and aims to be a contact platform between students and workers in the field of materials at a national level

Communication, coordinated by Paula Vilarinho (UAveiro)